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Nicole DiPrinzio

Horsham Corporate Center

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When you work with Technology, you are getting professional service and a team that will handle your needs from start to finish. We cab help you decommission your data center in an environmentally safe way, and liquidate your date center assets in a way that maximizes profitability. Because we bring integrity to our work, you can always trust that you will be taken care of.

Case Studies

GlaxoSmithKline Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

Quantum Technology was hired to decommission the 40,000 square foot data center in King of Prussia, PA. Quantum was able to pay GlaxoSmithKline a substantial amount of money for the data center equipment while charging nothing for the demolition and removal. The work included:

• Full scale demolition of 40,000 square feet of floor tiles and understructure, plus demolition of the ceiling structure, pipes and cabling.

• Disconnection and removal of HVAC systems, UPS systems, Halon, Power panels, transfer switches, distribution panels, wire and cable.

• Dismantling condensing units and chillers from the roof area.

• Dismantling and removing Power Generation equipment.

• Providing environmental recycling for all waste including cable, wire, steel, electronics, halon, lead acid batteries.

• Scraping and polishing cement floors; cutting back conduit and piping.

• Working closely with management to provide full communication and responsiveness in each phase of the demolition and restoration. Project length: 8 weeks

LeFrak, Jersey City Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

When LeFrak, a worldwide leader in real estate development, took over as managing agent of 111 Tower Square Plaza in Jersey City, they hired Joe Ryan of Ryan Real Estate who partnered with Hidalgo Communications and Atlas Communications to rebuild and market approximately 100,000 square feet as data center and colocation facilities.

The first task was to clear out 3 floors of old data center infrastructure equipment left by Morgan Stanley, a former tenant of the building.  The clean out would both prepare the floors for build out, and make them presentable to prospective tenants.  Ryan Real Estate recommended that LeFrak use  Quantum Technology.

The scope involved the removal, sale and recycling of close to 1000 data cabinets and racks, the pulling back of extensive fiber and cable runs, and proper terminating of subfloor electrical connections.  The cable extraction and termination beneath the raised floor was particularly sensitive. If any cables were not pulled or properly terminated, the subsequent activation of those lines could cause electrocution or fire. Quantum completed the job in 6 weeks.

Intuit Data Center, San Diego Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

When Intuit moved out of 6200 Greenwich Ave, San Diego and into their new headquarters, Kilroy Realty, the building owner, decided to do a complete interior demolition and re-do of this hot piece of real estate. Kilroy hired Quantum Technology for the decommission of the facility and data center assets.

Centocor, Radnor, PA Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

Quantum Technology was brought in to purchase and remove the Laboratory Case Work and walk in coolers from the former Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Centocor Ortho Biomed, in Radnor PA.

Bank One, Phoenix AZ Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

Fenway Properties purchased the old Bank One buildings in Phoenix AZ. In order to prepare them for renovation, Quantum Technology was brought in to decommission the data center equipment, generators, chillers, electrical and cooling equipment. The project took seven weeks.

Condé Nast, Newark, DE Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

Conde Nast, the mass media publisher of Wired, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker made the huge decision to shut down their data center operations and go to the cloud. While they were looking for a buyer for their data center building in Newark DE, Quantum had already submitted a proposal to the property management group, to do a complete interior decommission of the 67,000 square foot facility. Weitron, the refrigerant marketing company stepped up to buy the building as the location for their new warehouse.

Weitron engaged Quantum to purchase and remove the entire data center along with the generators, chillers, switchgear, and electrical rooms. In the conversion from data center facility to warehouse, Quantum also demolished and recycled almost a million pounds of interior dry wall partitions.

ASCO Corporation, Florham NJ Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

Turner Construction was doing an interior demolition of the old ATT Shannon Labs building in Florham Park, NJ for Jones Lang Lasalle, who had just sold it to ASCO, a manufacturer of power transfer switches.  Quantum Technology was invited in to purchase the assets and decommission the data center equipment.  While we were there we purchased and resold UPS equipment, Liebert air conditioners, PDU’s, transformers, fire suppressant, and the cafeteria equipment as well.

Oracle Data Center, Reno, NV Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

Quantum met with Matt Grimes of CBRE in December 2014 to inventory the old Oracle data center in Reno NV. Matt’s goal was to sell the building or find a new tenant who would utilize the data center assets. If no buyer or tenant materialized, Matt was prepared for Quantum to do a complete decommission and market the building as office space only. Within the next few months Renown Health purchased the property. Matt referred Quantum to Renown, who in turn introduced them to their GC, Lindsey York of Centerline Consulting, who ultimately chose Quantum Technology to do the decommission and removal.

Blue Cross, Wayne PA Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

AES, a local environmental company, hired Quantum Technology to decommission the data center in the Blue Cross building in Wayne PA. Quantum Technology bought the generators, switchgear, UPS systems, AC systems and all of the data center assets, then used the revenue from the equipment to offset the cost of decommission.

FortressITX, Clifton, NJ Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

FortressITX was moving into a new building and invited Quantum Technology to make an offer on their surplus assets- UPS systems, AC units, data racks, etc., and a Caterpillar generator in the basement. The only way to get the generator out was through the basement, out a rolling steel door, up a skinny well and over the fence.

Christ Church Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

Christ Church in Greensboro had located a former Data Center building that they wanted to remodel and use as their new church. Buddy Turner and his team solicited a number of quotes from local construction companies to do an interior demolition of the site, but the numbers they got back were very high. They needed everything to be removed before they could convert the space into a place of worship.

That’s when they found Quantum Technology. We were able to pay Christ Church for the assets we took out of the building. They used that money towards the purchase of new Church flooring. All the labor was done for free, including the disconnect and removal of UPS equipment, the electrical room, remediated R22, raised access flooring — all while leaving their partitioning walls intact. We even left a stage of raised flooring for them to use for their pulpit.

CSC, Austin TX Data Center Decommission 40,000 Sq Ft King of Prussia, PA

CSC is a global IT services company that needed help liquidating their 8,000 sq ft data center in Austin, TX. Their lease had expired and the next door tenant wanted to move into the space. CSC was on the hook for removing all equipment from the site and returning it to original condition. That’s where Quantum came in.

In only two weeks in March, 2015, we were able to do a full disconnect of the site’s Eaton UPS’s, DataAire CRAC units, safely remove and recycle lead-acid batteries, lift all raised access flooring, and disconnect remaining server cabinets and electrical infrastructure.

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