Quantum Technology buys and stocks a wide array of lab equipment including – but not limited to – casework, fume hoods, cabinetry, sinks, analytical equipment, scales, balance tables, shelves, epoxy tops, flammable cabinets, corrosive cabinets, beaker dryers, glassware dryers, blowers, and more.

Our team is trained in best practices for the safe decommission and removal of laboratory equipment. This equipment is often delicate. We can do the removal and sometimes depending on the equipment even pay you to decommission your site.

We constantly have fume hoods in a variety of styles and models in stock perfect for small labs, start-ups, and other chemical and biological ventures requiring good equipment at a fair price. Some of the fume hood models we stock include Labconco, Fisher Hamilton, Kewaunee, and ChemGuard.

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