We are proud to announce that we now, in tandem with our affiliates, offer a full suite of data center buildout and consulting services. Our full-service team has more than 35 years experience in the design, engineering, constructing and commissioning of critical facility and technology spaces. Whether you have an empty shell you want to build up, a data center that needs upgrading to be brought up-to-date, or anything in between, our team can help.

Data center and other critical technology spaces require a diverse set of skills. We can provide a wide array of expertise from licensed civil, electrical, mechanical engineers and architects to construction project managers, IT consultants, systems specialists, Revit and CADD technicians. Our specialists have worked on more than 5,500 projects in numerous sectors such as industrial, healthcare, banking/financial, higher education, pharmaceutical, public sector and retail markets, and they can tout a 98% repeat customer base.

What are some of the services we can offer?

For data centers not yet built, we can help you with your site evaluation, selection and planning. Not every site is the same and some are more fit to be turned into data centers than others. Some of the factors that go into choosing a site include available electrical and fibre connections, its geographic location, as well as numerous other considerations. What equipment will you need to run your data center effectively? How can you best transform your empty shell into a humming data center? Space Planning can help you determine the answers to these kinds of questions.

Existing data centers have many areas that can benefit from consultation as well. We can provide reliability studies to help determine how stable your data center environment is. “Hybrid” assessments are an exciting new strategy for data storage that involves blending private and public cloud services to help mitigate disaster recovery. Relocation or Merger/Consolidation Evaluations can help you determine whether your data center is best left where it is, or whether a move could help reduce costs while increasing profitability.

Other consulting services include Single Point of Failure Analysis, Data Center Facility Audits, DR Facility Requirement Studies, LEED Certification Analysis, Colo/Cloud Analysis, Container/Pod Studies, Network Analysis/Wi-Fi Analysis, Total Cost of Ownership Studies, Virtualization Integration, Computer Equipment Planning, Requirements Analysis, Preliminary Program Studies, Thermal Air Flow Analysis, Energy Efficiency Audits, IT Business Impact Analysis, Site Assessment Evaluations, Facility Evaluations and IT/Data Center Strategic Planning.

Our creative and flexible design solutions utilize state-of-the-art practices to produce drawings and specifications that fit your needs. In today’s data center world it isn’t sufficient to have one set of specialities. That’s why our team uses architectural design, site/civil engineering, communications engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical/HVAC engineering, structural engineering, BMS/DCIM modeling, fire protection engineering, raised floor engineering, security design, voice and data integration, design for sustainability, 3-D revit modeling, and network design in one comprehensible, holistic approach.

Our fully integrated approach to technical facilities gives you a single source of responsibility from start to finish. Get rid of unnecessary construction delays and guarantee the technical expertise you need. As you know, many different specialities go into constructing a data center. We can provide them all. We also offer options for outsourcing construction and maintenance responsibilities which means that after we help you build out your brand new data center, we can stay on board and run it for you too.

We can utilize close business partnerships with many of the major players in the industry including Dell, Accenture, IBM, OnX, The Gartner Group, Mainline, Bechtel, Verizon Business, Data Span, Mark Levin & Partners, Deloitte, Carter Validus, Vicom, SGI, Sine Nomine, SBC Consulting, and Cloudify.

No matter where you are in the data center process you can benefit from consultation with industry experts. New technologies are constantly coming out that could save your company a fortune yearly so even established data centers can use careful review, analysis and audits. Whether you are thinking about turning your empty space into a data center, upgrade your old data center space, resell a now abandoned site, or consolidate and close your data center, Quantum Technology can provide insights and ideas to make your project a stunning success. Don’t hesitate; call today!