Quantum Technology has over 25 years of experience in Asset Liquidation and Data Center demolition.

Our work is the result of a long standing commitment to help businesses conserve cash by earning money for liquidated assets, while providing a pathway to discharge these assets in an environmentally responsible manner.

Case Studies

When Quantum performs a Data Center demolition and liquidation, 98% of everything is resold, recycled or reused.

There are items in a data center that can be refurbished and resold to other businesses.These include UPS systems, AC and DC power equipment, Power Generators, HVAC equipment, Fire Suppression equipment, Servers, Computers, Data Cabinets, the Raised Access Floor, and much more.These items are disconnected, de-installed, and brought back to our warehouses where they are refurbished and re-marketed to businesses.Everything we sell comes with a solid warranty.

There are items in a data center that cannot be resold in their present form.These items may be outdated, beyond repair, or just not resalable.Quantum Technology will have them broken down into their basic components and recycled.From steel and metals to circuits boards and chips, everything is recycled.Monitors that cannot be resold are dismantled under carefully monitored conditions in federally approved recycling facilities and each element is sent safely to its appropriate destination to become part of a new raw material or product.Products such as Lead Acid Batteries and Fire Suppressant present clear hazards for businesses, both environmentally and legally.Quantum Technology has the expertise to de-install these items safely, and transport them to where they need to go.None of these items will go into a landfill, and nothing is shipped to villages in third world countries where they would liter the streets and water supplies with toxic poisons.Partnering with businesses in this way helps America handle its surplus assets responsibly, and sets a strong example for other countries as well.

Whether it is resold as a finished product, or recycled, 98% of everything that comes out of the data center eventually has a second life.  In time, as technology improves, there will be absolutely nothing that is not recycled and reused in some way.  Our goal at Quantum Technology is to support and empower this commonly shared commitment through the work we do.

Knowing what to do with your physical assets translates into more revenue for your company.

These are challenging times for individuals and businesses.  In this economy every dollar counts.  A company with a data center to demolish may pay tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to have someone come in and rip everything out, just to see it dumped in a landfill.  Because of our asset recovery system, we are able to significantly reduce, and sometimes entirely eliminate those costs.  In many instances, businesses will receive substantial revenue by working with Quantum Technology.


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