Cooling towers discharge heat from air conditioning systems and come in a number of sizes varying from small roof-top units to enormous towers up to 660’ tall. These towers are used for a variety of applications including oil refineries, petrochemical plants, thermal power stations and HVAC systems. We most commonly see HVAC cooling towers which are essential for keeping heat-producing data center equipment functional. Water-cooled chillers are generally more energy efficient than air-cooled chillers which reject heat at a higher temperature. Chillers, CRAC units and cooling tower sizes are measured in tonnage. A ton of air-conditioning is the removal of 12,000BTU/hour. An equivalent ton on the cooling tower side rejects 15,000BTU/hour.

We carry numerous manufacturers of cooling towers and chillers including Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay, Aaon, BOC, FES, Mydax and others. Some kinds of chillers include centrifugal chillers, rotary chillers, scroll compressor chillers and absorption chillers. Centrifugal chillers are normally used for large processes and multi-story buildings – they range from 100 tons to over 1000 tons of cooling. Absorption chillers, similar to centrifugal chillers, are used for larger applications and range from 200 tons to over 1000 tons. They do not use typical refrigerant-based cooling cycles. Scroll-hermetic refers to the type of refrigeration compressor used, and are distinguished from semi-hermetic units, which use a different kind of compressor.