We sell server racks in a variety of sizes, makes and models. Among those manufacturers are APC, Compaq, Eaton, Emerson, Kendall Howard, Liebert, Dell, HP, Sun, Chatsworth, Rittal, and IBM. We sell full-sized racks and half-sized racks. Rack accessories include cable management devices and power strips. Sizes we offer range between 8U and 47U, including many in popular sizes like 42U. Almost all data centers use 42U racks, but other applications call for other sizes. When choosing a server rack it is important to know how much space you need – as quantified in ‘rack unit,’ RU, or most commonly U. A 42U rack is 73.5” and the standard width is 19”. External dimensions will vary. This size will hold over 6’ of equipment. Server racks may be used for a number of applications. Most commonly they are used to hold servers and other computer or monitoring equipment. Other uses include network racking, telecom racks, and media racks.

In addition to make, model and dimensions, some other things to consider about a server rack include: Are the mounting holes square or round? Are there castors (wheels) on the bottom to make the server rack portable? What material is the door made out of, mesh or glass? Does it need a lock, combination or key? Many server rack lineups do not have sides in between the individual units, while other do – do you need sides for each server rack? Does the server rack need an internal power strip (PDUs come in two types – standard and intelligent), a ceiling fan, or ceiling lights? How about cable management?

One important decision to make is how to set up your racks in your data center. Determining your cooling strategy can help your company save money on energy costs. If your primary cooling method is ambient air cooling (including CRAC units and raised access flooring, air handlers and fans, etc) you will want fully perforated server racks. If instead you are using a liquid cooling unit, you want a fully-sealed server rack.

There are numerous configurations that fit a variety of needs. If you’re not sure what you need, contact us. We can help you figure out precisely what kind of server rack fits your situation.