Depending on your industry, generators may either be just an added level of insurance to make sure your operations run without fail, or a lifesaving precaution. Generators are frequently employed in industries as varied as data/information, medical institutions, financial operations, agricultural sites, mining and other energy operations. Data centers with mission-critical operations are at high risk were power loss to occur. In the case of a utility outage, the UPS systems will kick on first, with the generator coming online shortly thereafter.  Often you won’t experience the need for a generator until a natural disaster knocks out your primary power. You don’t want to wait for tragedy before investing in a good backup.

One way to determine whether you need a generator is to calculate how many of your essential services depend on a power supply (phones, computers, process equipment, perishable goods, etc). In today’s world it’s very rare to find a company that doesn’t have many essential needs that depend on continual power.

Generators are tough units that are built to withstand harsh conditions and last for a long time. Many used generators have very low hours, indicating that they were put into backup and only used to test loads. These generators can have extremely attractive prices, substantially below the retail cost of a comparable brand new unit.

You can also get a used unit much quicker than a new one which requires fabrication and lengthy factory lead times. When you see a used unit on our website,  that means it is ready for purchase and shipping now.

Shopping for well-respected brand names like Detroit Diesel, Kohler, Cummins Onan, or Caterpillar means that you’re getting an industrial strength piece of equipment that was built to last wherever and whenever, in even the harshest of conditions (like hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes).

The biggest question you’ll need to answer is whether you need a diesel generator or a natural gas unit. Diesel has been the traditional fuel of choice for commercial and industrial generator units. Its advantages include high thermal efficiency (which yields a low capital cost per kW), the ability to provide backup power in remote locations, and general reliability. By contrast, a natural gas unit requires a natural gas infrastructure to plug directly into. Because natural gas is supplied by a utility rather than stored in an onsite fuel tank, refueling is never a problem no matter how long your power goes out. Natural gas is also more environmentally friendly than diesel fuel, which can be a major consideration for a company with green aspirations.

After determining the kind of generator you want, you’ll need to decide what size would best fit your operation. The best way to figure this out is to have a certified electrician inspect your site and calculate everything for you. Make a list of all the items that need to be powered by the generator and calculate your total power requirements. Getting the right kilowatt unit is essential to making sure your facility is properly backed up.

You will also need to figure out how you want your generator packaged. Do you need it inside an enclosure (possibly weather-proof or sound attenuated), on a trailer for portable use, or some other specialized configuration? Maybe you need a belly tank to go along with it, or special voltage requirements. We can help you figure out precisely what kind of generator will fit your specific needs best, and we can always recommend a few options so that you can compare and contrast units to find one that meets your needs, and fits your budget.

In our line of work we come across numerous generators that have been taken out of service, generally because the facility employing them has closed, or needed to upgrade to a higher kilo-wattage of power. There are generators used in data centers and other applications in industries such as major financial institutions, police and fire stations, hospitals, and in similar industries. All of our generators are guaranteed working and with our over twenty years in the industry we have a stellar reputation that you can trust.